West was FIRED by Voters and OUSTED from Congress after JUST ONE SHORT TERM in office.

After Florida voters endured just a single two-year term of Allen West in office, they fired him. West blew $17.5 million -- more than any other incumbent House member in 2012 (except Speaker John Boehner) -- trying to get re-elected against a young and inexperienced Democrat challenger. West outspent 29-year-old neophyte and CPA Patrick Murphy by more than 4-to-1. Analysts and strategists chalk up the loss to West's obnoxious and insulting style which turned off voters and destroyed all the advantages incumbent West had going for him. West refused to refine his style while ignoring his own staff; even driving away his first chief of staff, conservative radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman. She resigned just a few days after she was hired.

Ultimately, by alienating both red voters and swing voters, West frittered away and squandered the promise of the 2010 Tea Party revolution by seeming to reinforce every bad stereotype in endlessly seeking fame for himself rather than championing conservative reforms. In just two years, West's endless bomb throwing wore out his welcome with voters. Following his political rejection by voters, West has no business coming to Texas to run our state's Republican Party. Our candidates don't need his bad advice or self-destructive and one-man-show style of leadership. And Texas Democrats (and national Democrats) don't need to be given free ammunition by the Texas GOP to use against us, like Allen West's endlessly embarrassing quotes and video clips which light up YouTube all these years later. Doomsday Allen West is the last person Texans need leading our crucial effort to keep Texas RED. President Trump probably wouldn't want West around either. After all, at a 2017 Republican fundraiser, West said he would merely give President Donald Trump a ā€œCā€ for his first eight months in office. Yes, Democrats would love to exploit West's big, careless mouth. Let's not put West in any position to help Democrats in the Lone Star State.